Open air studio Knitting

Nazli Cetiner Serinkaya is trained as a fashion designer at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She established her own brand Mandalinarossa and ran it for 10 years, making children’s and women’s clothes all by herself in her studio in Istanbul.  

In 2012-2015 she co-ran Zelazo,  “kindergarten for adults”, a studio/shop where various people with different skills gave workshops  to people who were interested in constant learning. The subjects varied from robot making to sewing.

As she believed in sustainable living, she taught many people how to use a sewing machine and to sew their own clothes.

Throughout 2017 she worked with children at Warm Heart Foundation, an NGO in Northern Thailand and at Marpha Foundation, another NGO in the Nepali mountains.

In Thailand she developed a recycling project to create a sustainable income source for the mountain villagers. She also created a tree nursery where children could grow fruit trees from seed and tend them regularly.

In Nepal, she worked as an atelierista in a community kindergarten. She made educational tools using recycled materials, created activities that would develop fine and gross motor skills of children of ages 2-3. She also assisted first grade English teachers in classroom activities.

Now she keeps creating and working with communities on recycling and sewing projects.

She’s an amateur ethno-botanist and a food fermentation enthusiast.

Side projects: