Morigambu-Personal Shaman

Morigambu-Personal Shaman

Here's a personal Shaman!
The shaman;
doesn't have a gender,
has bells on the nipples to call off bad spirits,
embroidered tribal tattoos on the legs,
one wooden beaded,one wooden ring bracelet,
embroidered face,
a necklace made of dried orange peels,
embroidered armpit hair,
appliqued facial paint,
faceted bead 3rd eye,
and crazy fabric hair!!

It's your duty to decide on the shaman's powers, and rituals! Put it on your desk to give you some inspiration on your craft work, luck on your exams,peace on stressful days,motivation on hard work and so on!

45 cm (17.7") long
16 cm ( 6" 5/8) wide on the belly
80 USD
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