Fotoğraf Makinalı Tişört//Printed analog cameras t-shirt

Great t-shirt for vintage camera lovers! You can see on this t-shirt my illustrations of classical cameras such as Canon A1, Leica, Polaroid, Lomo Fisheye as well as Finetta,Bauer,Argoflex and Argus.
All in fun and bright colors!

About the size: They're loose fit with one size fits most. Let's say M.
47 cm (18 1/2") wide 67 cm (26.3") long.

It's a soft,light and airy t-shirt.


Fotoğrafseverlere fotoğraf makineli tişört!
Kendi çizdiğim illustrasyonlarda Canon A1, Leica, Polaroid, Lomo Fisheye,Finetta,Bauer,Argoflex ve Argus makinelerini görebilirsiniz.

Tek bedendir: Eni 47 cm boyu 67 cm.

25 USD