Bisikletli Tişört//Striped printed bicycle tshirt

Bisikletli Tişört//Striped printed bicycle tshirt

Bisiklet çizimlerimden baskı tişört! Çizimlerin arasında en sevdiğim bisikletlerden Bianchi Minivelo'nun yanı sıra, Motobécane,Legnano,Bertin ve daha neler neler var!

Bol kesimli,birçok bedene uyar (M-L gibi).


Fun bicycle t-shirt printed from my illustrations! The bicycles include my absolutely favorite Bianchi Minivelo as well as Motobécane,Legnano and Bertin.
It's loose fitted with seamless armholes.Would be a great gift for a bike lover!

The fabric is a blend of poly/cotton. It's soft,light and airy! Great for biking!
(sorry it's not 100% cotton, some percentage of polyester is necessary for the paint to hold on to fabric)

The size is one size fits most ( about M) :
47 cm wide 68 cmlong, the neckline drop is 7,5 cm

I can make it smaller if you want.Just click on the request custom order button.

You can machine wash it in 30º in a regular cycle

**For those who are asking for the fabric:The design on the t-shirt is printed specifically for the t-shirt, not made of yardage fabric**
25 USD